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Miss Universe contestants descend onto Israel The gorgeous face of peace in the region

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu is looking forward to 2022 with a determination to never let anyone dim her shining and her resolution for the New Year proves that same. The model, 21, posted on Instagram to post a video as well as photos of herself during the photoshoot. The model also revealed what she plans to do for the coming calendar year on the same page.

Harnaaz uploaded the Instagram reel to her official Instagram page featuring AlessiaCara's song Scars To Your Beautiful. She captioned the video with the lyrics of the track and encouraged her followers to become their authentic selves for the coming year. "You should know you're beautiful just the way you are - in 2022 just be you," Harnaaz wrote. Harnaaz also asked her followers to share their new year's resolutions.

The Miss Universe winner walked around an idyllic resort while cameras followed her and made glam poses during the clip. The model also shared a few photos of the shoot to her Twitter handle with the caption "Stepping into 2022, let the journey begin."

The shoot shows Harnaaz looking stunning in a lavender-colored organza top with shorts. The top had long sheer sleeves, an elongated cuff, ruffled straps at the shoulders as well as a Victorian-style high neckline with bow tie and floral embroidery across the front.

Harnaaz styled the blouse with matching shorts in lavender that have an airy silhouette and floral cut-out embroideries across. The ensemble was paired with gold stilettos, rings and sparkling silver earrings.

The hairstyle is centre-parted and open, with soft waves, French-manicured nails shiny, nude lipstick smokey pink-hued eyeshadow and blushed cheeks. Mascara-filled eyelashes, glowing skin and a sharp contour finished off the glamour-filled choices.

In the past, Harnaaz had ended 2021 with a celebration of their Miss Universe 2021 journey. Harnaaz posted on Instagram to post a compilation footage of the Miss Diva Miss Universe India 2021 as well as her Miss Universe 2021 win.

The Miss Universe Philippines (MUPH) organization continues to tease its fans about their most grand coronation night to date, and announce they are revealing that Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu will be among their guests of honor.

The company announced on April 30, that the current title holder will grace the finals of the pageant on April 30 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

"A [uniquely beautiful] historic event in the making," they wrote in the caption. "The whole country is excited to welcome our Miss Universe flying on Air Beauty One."

The beauty queen of India was awarded the title in December 2021 in the 70th Miss Universe pageant in Israel. Philippines' Beatrice Luigi Gomez was crowned as one of the top 5.

Alongside Sandhu in addition, Sandhu will also be the host. Miss Universe Philippines 2022 pageant night will also have three former Miss Universe winners three former winners - Pia Wurtzbach Iris Mittenaere, Pia Wurtzbach, and Demi Leigh Tebow, as hosts.

Miss Universe Philippines titleholders Rabiya Mateo, Beatrice Luigi Gomez, and Celeste Cortesi channeled their inner Disney princesses during an upcoming fashion shoot.

The models were photographed by famous photographer BJ Pascual in gold and silver outfits that were that were inspired by their fictional characters.

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya depicted Ariel of The Little Mermaid, and posted a caption that read: "Life isn't a fairytale but everyone deserves their happy ending."

The fashion shoot marks the first time that the trio of Miss Universe Philippines titleholders to collaborate on an event. The title was awarded to them since the franchise was bought from the Miss Universe Philippines Organization in the year 2019.

Model from Italy and the Philippines Celeste Cortesi won the hearts of some of the most picky fans of the pageant in her Miss Universe Philippines (MUPH) 2022 coronation evening on April 30. But is she prepared to take her career into the future and claim the Miss Universe crown?

"You can send her tomorrow and she's prepared," MUPH Communications Director Voltaire Tayag told the crowd with a smile.

"I've always seen myself as living in Italy with Italian values, Italian culture," the 24-year-old Cortesi spoke when she was seated with reporters in Boracay following her participation in the MUPH pageant. "It's only when I [became] 18 years old that I got very interested [in] exploring my Filipina side, and I asked my mom, can I go to the Philippines?"

Cortesi stated that it was this journey to Philippines which helped her step out of her familiar zone. "When I lived in Italy and I was there every day, I had to do the exact routine. I had an occupation and my family was also there and I had the same friends, same type of mental attitude. When I arrived in the Philippines I was able to explore the world of things that were completely new to me. It brought me the desire todiscover even more" She said. "The people that you that you meet here are so beautiful inside and so kind that you really don't want to leave - not just because the Philippines is a beautiful place but because of the people."

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